…that won’t cover your house in glitter. You’re welcome 😋

It’s school/preschool holidays. Why does it always seem to sneak up on us?! Two weeks of looking after the small fry while you attempt to do all the things you usually do in your weeks. Two weeks of trying to find activities and tasks to keep them occupied without going broke or losing your mind.

Don’t worry, we get you. We’ve come up with four easy, cheap and fun school holiday art projects that the kids will love. They’re easy enough that you don’t have to help too much, plus there’s no glitter in sight (no one’s got time for that mess..)

Painting with water

I can’t believe this actually works. Last week, a nurse at my early childhood centre suggested painting with water to help my little one with her pencil grip. She said to get a bowl full of water and some paintbrushes and let them go to town on the back fence. They loved it! The kids were captivated for an entire thirty minutes. They made patterns, drew pictures and thought they were so naughty for painting the fence. Then it all dried and their canvas was ready for another round. This is my new favourite art activity for sure.

Colouring-in… with a twist

We’ve got our friends at ABC Kids to thank for these ones. My kids love colouring but often get bored with the books that we have. So instead of buying new books, I’ve started getting a bit more creative with the tasks I set.

Instead of just colouring, I now get them to do a little collage. I cut up some coloured paper, give them a glue stick and get them to fill in the drawings with the glued paper. They can create some lovely three-dimensional art that is really creative. Plus you can print out multiple sheets so they can try different techniques to see what looks best.

Here are some of our favourite colouring-in sheets for school holiday art projects.

Bing colouring-in

Jemina from Playschool colouring-in

Lachy from The Wiggles colouring-in

Colour by numbers with Fireman Sam

Colour by numbers is a great activity for kids however often they write the colour rather than show it. For kids that can’t read yet, this is pretty frustrating. This Fireman Sam colour by numbers is great as it shows the colour the child needs to choose rather than writing it. Simply download the sheet below and print it out.

Fireman Sam’s colour by numbers sheet

Painting with watercolour paints

If it’s raining outside, watercolour paints are another good activity that isn’t as messy as real paints. I set up a little bowl of water on the small table with the watercolour paints and let them paint away. The kids love painting their fingers and hands so end up doing creative finger painting. Best thing is, it doesn’t stain and is easy to wipe down if some of it makes it way to the floor, table or walls.

What are your favourite easy craft activities?