It’s no secret that kids LOVE Easter. Who wouldn’t love an adult endorsed treasure hunt that ends in gorging yourself with chocolate, all before breakfast?! As parents it’s not quite as much fun. Easter Sunday usually also contains complaints of stomach aches, sugar highs and fights over who found the most eggs.

If you’re starting to think that celebrating Easter should be more than just chocolate eggs, then you’re not alone. There have been lots of articles and scary pictures on social media highlighting the amount of sugar that are in some Easter treats.

I know that in our house, we will definitely having some chocolate but we are going to cut down on previous years. Of course, just because mum is being stingy with the chocolate, it doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be lots of fun! Here are some great suggestions of ways you and your kids can celebrate Easter.

Easter craft

There are soooo many Easter craft ideas, here are some of our faves. Next time you’re making scrambled eggs, carefully prick a whole at the top and bottom then blow out the contents of the egg. Save the eggshell, put out some paint brushes and paints and let the kids (carefully!) paint the eggs. Put them in a bowl and they make a beautiful centrepiece for an Easter lunch table.

If you’re looking for something a little less breakable, take a look at these gorgeous bunnies made out of toilet roll. They serve a dual purpose – they are fun to make and can be used to stash mini eggs on Easter morning.

Easter themed pyjamas

In Australia, Easter is usually when it’s getting cooler so I love this idea. Instead of just giving chocolate, you could start a tradition where you give your kids some warm pyjamas or a cute robe or slippers each Easter. Plus there are so many gorgeous bunny themed ones that you can definitely keep in the theme. Seriously, how cute do these pjs from Bonds and Target look!

The ‘no-chocolate’ Easter egg hunt

Who said that the Easter Egg hunt had to be just about finding chocolates? You could mix up the chocolate treats with some plastic re-fillable eggs from discount party suppliers and fill them with small toys, games and other treats. For older kids, you could write little clues to help them find a bigger prize at the end.

Easter Egg face painting

Kids LOVE face painting and they don’t seem to mind how it looks, which is fortunate as I have zero artistic ability. However, I do have a face painting kit which I bought for $5 from Target. So this year at my family Easter celebration, I’m bringing it along and painting Easter Eggs on their faces. It’s so simple – just an egg-shaped oval on the cheek with white paint then a few dots, squiggly lines and voila! Picasso I am not, but the kids are happy so that’s all that matters.

Watch bunny videos and books with Birde

When the celebrations are over, it might be time for some downtime with an Easter themed book or bunny themed video. Last year, my kids received some awesome books like ‘Spot’s first Easter’ however this year they’re definitely going to be watching some of the bunny-themed videos with their Birde. There is Bing’s Storytime and other Episodes and Miffy’s The Big Camping Adventure. If you’d prefer audiobooks, we have the gorgeous Guess How Much I Love You series.

PLUS you can enter to win some cute bunny themed content and a Birde to play it on.

Hope you have a fabulous Easter and feel free to share your Easter craft with us on our Facebook page!