This is the question we get asked a lot! Kids LOVE listening to audiobooks but there isn’t an easy, kid-friendly way of letting them listen to them. You can put them on your phone or iPad but then you have to leave your expensive, adult device potentially within reach of your kids. Not exactly ideal!

With Birde, you can simply give them a selection of audiobook content seeds and the Birde and they can choose what they want to listen to. Plus if you have the physical book at home, they can read along!

What audiobooks for kids do we have?

We have a huge selection and it’s growing all the time. Our favourites include the Guess How Much I Love You stories, some classics from Play School like Bedtime Stories and Dinosaur Stories and iconic Aussie stories like The Muddleheaded Wombat.

There are even audiobook stories to help your kids sleep (because we could all do with that!). Dinosnores have released some of their sleepy stories like Forest Nights and Tyrannosaurus with more coming soon. These gorgeous audiobook seeds feature soothing, meditative stories to help kids relax then a soundscape to lull them to sleep. You’ll also get the Dinosnores kitten audiobook with your Starter Pack of seeds when you buy Birde so your kids can try it out right away.

It isn’t just audiobooks. Some of our videos are actually animated books! For example, Funky Chicken is an awesome AusFunky chicken audiobook and animated book for kidstralian book written by one of our favourite authors Chris Collin. Our video seed features an animated slideshow of the book, so kids can watch along while they listen to the book.

Hairy Maclary is similar. It features 10 animated tales based on the best-selling books by New Zealand author, Lynley Dodd. The great thing is, if you don’t want your kids to watch the video, they can just listen to the stories without the TV on. This seed is genius – it’s like a video and audiobook in one!

What about video and music for kids?

Video seed StoryBots ABC JamboreeOf course, Birde is more than just audiobooks. We have heaps of music and video choices like Miffy’s Adventures Great and Small, The Wiggles Fun Fun Fun and Bing Storytime. Learn the alphabet with StoryBots ABC Jamboree, teach them to count with Counting with Paula or entertain the little ones with My First Lullaby

What’s coming?

We have sooo much more content coming. Some newly popular Aussie artists, some awesome new audiobooks for kids and even a certain very popular pup-themed show… that’s all I’m allowed to say! It’s safe to say that whatever your kids are into, you’ll find it on Birde. Visit our store to see more about our content and sign up to our newsletter for more deals.