In the Birde Seed Snapshot series, we introduce some of the great content we have on Birde. First up is Dinosnores Sleepy Stories.

What are Dinosnores Sleepy Stories?

Dinosnores are audiobook and meditative soundscapes that will help our kids go to sleep. Who is not going to love this? They’re a collection of award-winning Australian stories that were first designed by speech pathologist Sherene Alfreds.

“Our three year old daughter Emma was a light sleeper and one of those bedtime worriers. We looked around at other products but none of them went long enough to really help her drift off,” Sherene told us.

What are the stories about?

Emma loved dragons and dinosaurs at the time, so Sherene started to work on some imaginative stories about a sleepy tyrannosaurus to help her daughter fall asleep. She asked some friends to narrate the various stories then set them with a background soundscape to help increase relaxation levels.

Now there are 11 different stories on Dinosnores, with characters such as a dragon, a mermaid or even sounds such as spring rain for babies.

Why do you need Dinosnores Sleepy Stories?

As we all know, some kids just know how to get to sleep better than others. According to Sherene, “Dinosnores teaches them the technique of falling asleep. They internalise those skills such as focusing on their breathing and visualising another world so they can use the techniques in other circumstances.”

If you’re THAT parent who has had to beg their child to go to sleep at 10pm, then Dinosnores will be a lifesaver.

We spoke to Kelly, mum of four year old Bianca who has used Dinosnores and she said it has changed her evening routine.

“Sometimes Bianca finds it really hard to settle, particularly after a busy day of preschool. On those nights, we put on her favourite ‘Fairy’ story and she stops wriggling around straight away and lies there listening. We used to dread those nights, now we love them because she goes to sleep so quickly!”

What Dinosnores products will be available on Birde?

We loved Dinosnores so much that we have chosen to include one story in our Starter Park. The Kitten Story for toddlers will be free with every Birde console purchase. It’s all about a snoozy kitten that cuddles up with its purring cat mother listening to the sounds of baby animals on a farm.

There will be more Dinosnores Sleepy Stories available for purchase from our Birde Seeds store.