It goes without saying that we love spending time our kids. I’m one of those mums who loves taking my kids to the zoo, doing endless puzzles and reading them books. Although I could do with a little less swinging at the park, as long as there’s coffee nearby I’m generally happy there too!

However, we all have those days when you’d do almost anything for some alone time. Just 30 minutes of not being touched, not getting snacks and not being needed. You might have been up all night (hello teething!) or maybe you had one too many chardonnays the night before. Whatever it is, here are our sure-fire ways of getting at least a few minutes of me-time.


Sure it requires a bit of set up but once that’s done, you’re guaranteed to fit in at least half a cup of tea before someone needs you. Either use an easel or set up a small table outdoors and set them up with some butchers paper, washable paint, paint brushes, stencils, stamps and whatnot. Don’t forget an old shirt to protect their clothes!

If they’re finding it a bit difficult to stay focused, set them creative challenges (while sitting on the couch inside of course) – “Draw me a sun, William! I’d love to see a picture of a tree Sally.” Once their art is finished, and you’ve admired it on the fridge for the obligatory period, use the finished creations as homemade wrapping paper for their friends’ birthday parties.

Water play

Who doesn’t love playing with water? Not only is it fun, but it’s a great learning activity and it’s so easy to set up for your kids. Set up a few buckets with some water in them then get creative with things they might like to play with. Some plastic cups, sieves and funnels are the obvious ones but you could also look at some materials like objects that float or sink, creative kitchen objects like egg beaters or spoons with holes in them, dolls or trucks that can get wet. If you really want to get creative, you could have another bucket with sand so they can combine the two. Once you’ve set that up, take a seat in the shade and put your feet up!

Lego tower challenge

My kids love a challenge and this one is a winner. I get the Duplo out and start building a tower with them, then suggest they build the tallest tower they can with every piece of Duplo. It usually takes them a few goes, and while they’re sorting it out, I’m encouraging them from the couch.

Hide in the bathroom

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this?! My kids seem to get more absorbed in playing on their own when I’m not in the room. So if they’re playing happily and are in a safe space, sometimes I try to retreat to another part of the house. I either hide out in the bathroom or the separate kitchen and try to be as quiet as possible. I’ll often get at least 15 minutes of alone time before one of them wonders where I am and hollers out looking for me.

Give them an audiobook

If you’ve read ‘Where is the Green Sheep’ one too many times (and really, who hasn’t?!) then an audiobook could be an awesome solution. We are going to have some awesome audiobooks on Birde including Play School Dinosaurs series, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie and The Muddleheaded Wombat plus more.

Hopefully those ideas have helped you drink at least one cup of tea while it’s still hot, which is all we can hope for, right?

Do you have any other suggestions for getting time to yourself? Leave us your tips in the comments section below.