It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday… what are you hoping for? Breakfast in bed? A sticky, glitter covered homemade card? A shopping spree? The entire day to yourself? (no judgement here, that’s on our wish list 😂 )

Ok we can’t help with most of those wishes but we can help with the shopping spree! We have teamed up with Bing Lee for the Celebrate Mum competition.

We are giving away a $250 voucher for you to spend at any of Bing Lee’s stores. Perhaps you could put it towards that Dyson Hair Dryer or the FitBit you’ve had your eye on?

PLUS we are also giving away a Birde so your kids can be entertained with our awesome music, video and audiobook content while you peruse the Bing Lee catalogue and work out what you’re going to spend your voucher on. Win win!

Click here to enter our competition. Good Luck!