Some of the Birde team at the Mums & Co conference last June.

Here at Birde, we are LOVING all the stories inspired by International Women’s Day 2019. Why wouldn’t we? As a product aimed at young children, many (but not all!) of our customers are mums. Plus in our company, many of us (but not all!) are also women.

However, like this wonderful article from Women’s Agenda, we don’t believe women should be celebrated on one day of the year. Here at Birde, we try to celebrate women, and particularly mums, every single day. Here are some of the ways how.

Supporting female talent 

We have a great range of music, audiobooks and videos on Birde that showcase female talent. You can listen to singers like Justine Clarke and Emma Wiggle. We have stories by iconic female writers like May Gibbs and Ruth Park. We even have animated character ‘Paula’ breaking down the male-dominated STEM stereotypes and teaching our kids to count.

We have been so careful to ensure there is an even spread of male and female voices on our Birde content and increasing our diversity is one of our goals for the coming years. Birde will soon feature a few new female artists. One is Tiptoe Giants, a three-piece female band with such catchy tunes, you and your kids will fall in love with them. The other is Angie Who, who writes and performs mellow folk tunes, perfect for listening to on a cold winter’s day. As our catalogue increases, we will continue to search for original, child-focused artists (both male and female) to showcase. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have a favourite audiobook, video or musical talent you’d like to see on Birde!

Supporting female business owners

Since we set up our Instagram last year, we have enjoyed getting to know the many businesses that use this platform to showcase their products. Lots of these businesses are run by women who have wanted a particular product for themselves or their family and haven’t found it. So they’ve decided to source or make their own and share it with the world.

In fact, we were so impressed by some of the products and the women we met that we created a competition with our favourites late last year. The ‘How to survive life with a toddler’ competition was a great way to celebrate each other and introduce our audiences to like-minded brands. We love this sort of community on Instagram and look forward to working with other brands who have mindsets like ours in the future.

Supporting each other in the workplace

Birde is a pretty non-traditional workplace. We have grown from our husband and wife founders to a flexible, working team. Some of us go into the office every day, others work from home most of the time and juggle children and work. Others work completely remotely, and we catch up on the phone, email and through a messaging app Slack. Sometimes we need to bring our children to the office, sometimes we have to stay home with sick kids, occasionally we even work at each other’s houses. For us, as long as we get the job done, how and where we work is inconsequential.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #balanceforbetter. It’s about all of us (not just women) working together to strive to achieve gender equality. At Birde, each of us has a unique situation and we aim to make it work for each other, whether we are male or female. As we talk about in our values, the most important thing is to be a good role model for our children. We want to show them that you can be a working parent while still being a present and active parent.


So this International Women’s Day, we will tap our purple Birdes (as purple is the traditional colour of IWD) with our favourite Counting with Paula or Miffy’s Adventures Seed. We will continue to ❤️ our favourite brands on Instagram and we will hopefully get some work done during naptime. Happy International Women’s Day Ladies and Gents! Let’s hope 2019 brings us a step closer to achieving gender equality.