You’ve gone into our Shop and bought some new content Seeds for your kids. They’ve arrived in the mail, you open it up and there is a shiny new Dial E for Emma Music Seed. You give it to your child and she excitedly she taps it on her Birde, expecting it to work as easily as the Seeds in the Starter Pack.

But… you get a message saying ‘content not available’ or even an error message! What?!

The reason why this happens is because you need to connect that Seed to your account. Before your kids play their new Seeds (over and over and over again), you need to download that content into your Birde console. So how do you connect Birde Seeds to your console?

How do you pair newly purchased Seeds with your Birde?

First, you need to make sure your Family Account is set up and your Birde is paired with your Wi-Fi. If you need a refresher on this, check out our How Do You Set Up Your Birde blog.

We have created this handy video for you to see the step-by-step instructions of connecting your Birde Seeds to your console.

Do you need to do this every time you buy Birde Seeds?

Not necessarily! If you are logged into your Family Account when you’re buying the Seeds, they will automatically download onto your Birde the next time it’s turned on and connected to Wi-Fi.

When your Seeds arrive in the post, they will play right away. Follow this video for our step-by-step instructions to logging in and buying Seeds.

Help! I got an error when downloading content

Occasionally, you might get an error when downloading your new Seed pack on your Birde. Don’t worry, it’s really simple to fix.

Follow our step-by-step instructions on what to do next.

If there’s anything else you need help with while setting up your Birde, leave a comment below or email us on