For those lucky people who have received their Birde, we thought we’d share a few videos with tips and tricks to help you set Birde it up.

What you get in your Birde box

How do you play Birde seeds?

How to set up Wi-Fi on your Birde

You need to have your Birde connected to Wi-Fi for a few reasons:
1. It will help you manage your Birde through your app
2. We can then send any Birde software updates automatically through your Wi-Fi
3. When you buy new content through your account, it will automatically update onto your Birde.

If you’re having issues setting up Wi-Fi, firstly double check your password is the right one.
Secondly, check what signal your router broadcasts at. Birde requires a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi connection for full functionality. If your router is dual-band (i.e. has a 2.4GHz and 5GHz connection), don’t disable the 2.4GHz signal.

How to get your new content to play on Birde

All the content in the Starter Pack that came with your Birde will work automatically. However if you have bought new content from the Birde shop already (and checked out as a guest), it will need to be added to your account before you can play it.

How do you do that?

1. Make sure you have set up your Birde account, connected it to your Wi-Fi (see video above) and have the latest version of the app installed on your phone.

2. Turn your Birde on and tap the new seed against the Birde

3. A notification will be sent to your app telling you that there is new content available. Open your app and accept the download.  Your Birde will then need to download that content (the speed will depend on your Wi-Fi connection and the size of the content Seed pack you’re downloading).

4. Once that process is completed, your content will be listed in your app and your kids will be able to play the content as normal.

When you buy new content, always make sure you’re logged into to your Birde account in the checkout process. This will ensure all content is added to your account immediately so when your seeds arrive in the mail, they will be able to be played right away.

Troubleshooting tips:

5. Make sure your app is the latest version. Check in the App Store or Google Play Store and download the latest version.

6. Make sure your software on your Birde has updated. If you’re not sure, turn your Birde on then go to the Devices tab on your App. Select your Birde console then click ‘Tap to update’ (see screenshot to the right).

7. Check the Seeds tab in your app. If your seeds don’t say ‘downloaded’ (it should look like the screenshot above) then click ‘resync’ to download again. If the seed you purchased isn’t there at all,  try following steps 1-4 above.

How to connect Birde to your Android TV