And why our values are important to us

As parents, it’s important to choose a set of values to raise your children with. It provides your kids with a basic framework of what’s considered acceptable and what isn’t. Maybe you value honesty above all else, or maybe it’s generosity. Whatever you choose, it’s a very personal decision and something each family needs to decide on.

It’s (sort of) similar when you’re building a new company. Earlier this year, we realised that we also needed a framework of what was important to us at Birde. We needed to have a reference point for decisions we make. We needed to question – how does each decision align with our values?

As our product is all about kids, so are our values. We’ve thought about them a lot over the past few months and are pretty proud of them. Of course, things might change in the future and our values might grow and change slightly. But at this point, they’re perfectly aligned with where we’re at in our journey.

1. We believe learning should be fun

As education is one of our core product features, learning is definitely one of our most important values. We all learn better when we’re enjoying themselves! We are really passionate about ensuring that young children are having fun while learning the big lessons in life.

2. We believe kids should have a safe place to explore

No matter where they are, out in the world or at home, kids should always be safe. We have ensured safety is a huge priority with Birde. From the way the product was designed to the way children access the video, audiobook and music content, they will always be safe.

3. We believe children can learn about technology without being consumed by it

There is so much technology out there and it’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed. We believe in a middle ground – kids can enjoy the benefits of our modern digital lives without it taking over their lives.

4. We believe spending quality time with our children is central to their development

We’re not one of those companies that preach about family values then never see our kids! We live and breathe all our values and that includes our family time. All of us have young children and we all value spending time with our kids and being there for the big and little moments.

5. We believe parenting comes in many shapes and sizes

We live in the 21st century and we are proud to embrace families of all types. Whether your kids are raised by two mums, two dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, single parents or any other combination, we welcome you to our flock.

6. We believe children should be encouraged to imagine, explore and create

We all know that kids are little sponges, constantly learning and growing. We love giving them the tools to help explore their world.

What do you think about our values?