Seeds showing in list

We’ve been busy here at Birde HQ. Our tech team have been hard at work creating new features for our Birde Phone Apps. We’re pretty excited about some of the new features!

Update 1 – all your content now shows in your ‘Seeds’ list

Previously, you could only see the content Seeds you had purchased in the ‘Seeds’ list in your App. However now, you can see the Starter Pack and your Funky Chicken Bonus Seed. This should give you a great overview of Birde Seed you own.

You can see all your Seeds both from the Home Screen and if you go into the Seeds tab in the App.

Update 2 – Play all your content from your App

How to play seeds in the Birde app

Have you misplaced a Birde Seed? Has one of the kids decided to put their favourite Seeds in a drawer somewhere in the house and you’ve got no idea where it’s gone? Yep us too! That’s why this App update is so cool. You can now play ALL of your Seeds from your App.

Simply click into the Seeds tab in the phone app and click on the Seed you’re looking for. You will now be able to see a description of the content. When you click on ‘Audio’ or ‘Video’ (depending on what type of Seed you have) there will be a list of all the tracks on the Seed. Turn your Birde on, click the Play Triangle and away you go!

Update 3 – If you have more than one Birde, you can now sync all your Multiple Birdes on appcontent to both Birdes

If your family is anything like hours, you’re constantly breaking up sibling arguments (my kids had a 10-minute argument over whether a car was red or orange the other day. Seriously). So if you bought two Birdes to try and minimise fighting, firstly bravo for thinking ahead! Secondly, we now have made it even easier to have two Birdes on one family account. When you connect your new Birde Seeds to your console, the Birde App now gives you the option of which Birde you want to your content to downloaded to. You can also download the content to both Birdes if you wish. So if you’ve got two kids in different bedrooms who love to listen to Dragon Dinosnores while they go to sleep, now they can.

If you haven’t updated your app, head to the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store on your phone and update now.

We should have some exciting TV App updates coming soon so stay tuned!