Does this sound like you? It’s Friday evening and you’ve been running around after the kids for hours getting dinner, doing baths, reading stories. They’re finally sleeping soundly and you sink onto the couch with a glass of wine/piece of chocolate/cup of tea and do a bit of cheeky online browsing.

You find something you love on sale (or something your kids would love) and click to add it to the checkout. But then you stop – there is no PayPal or Afterpay available, you can’t remember your credit card number and there’s no way you’re moving from your comfy couch position to find your wallet. So you vow to buy it later, but inevitably you never do and the sale passes and you kick yourself for not jumping in and buying it when you could.

This is us….every damn Friday night… which is why we are thrilled with this awesome news. Birde now has PayPal and Afterpay available!  🎉 Now you can just login to your PayPal or Afterpay account to buy a Birde console or a selection of new music, audiobook and video Seeds. Anything that can make your Friday night wine/chocolate time a little more enjoyable. You’re welcome 😋

Birde available in retailers

Birde point of sale bing leeWhat if you like the look of Birde but you actually want to SEE it before you buy. We get it, it’s a new product and sometimes it’s nice to try it out.

Luckily, we are now in a range of Bing Lee, Betta Home Living, Leading Appliances and Top 3 stores around the country. Lots of them have these displays in them which gives your kids a chance to actually try tapping Seeds and playing music.

If you’ve got any questions about Birde, please comment below or on our Facebook/Instagram or send us an email