Hi! We are Daniel and Leah and we are so excited to introduce Birde. We have three kids under 6 so we know how important it is to find products for kids that are safe, reliable, educational and fun.

How did Birde start?

It was about three years ago when our oldest child started to get into watching TV and listening to music. We found it a huge struggle! He would play with DVDs or CDs and scratch them when trying to choose his own. Then he would grab our tablet or phone and inevitably drop them and ruin them. We realised there weren’t any products on the market that were specially designed for him.

Daniel is a product engineer so started working on changing that. After a huge amount of work, many prototypes, hundreds of discussions, oh and another baby added to the mix, we’ve finally got a product that we’re proud of.

What is Birde?

The result is Birde – smart media player that is specifically designed for children under 5. It’s waterproof, drop proof (no more broken devices!) and is completely safe in little hands. Content is curated by us, so you know that it’s appropriate and you can when and how your children use Birde using an app on your phone.

Take a look around our website – We have tried to answer as many of your questions as possible in our FAQs,  we have some info about other people on our team and we have a huge range of content in our store.

We’re pretty proud of it and we hope your kids enjoy it as much as ours! Join the waitlist on our website and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest updates on what is going on in the Birde nest.