How nice is it to put on something pretty, meet up with some like-minded mums and get to listen to a speaker who is interesting, funny and seems to be speaking right to you?

Birde Leah Corkin, Caitlin Wright and Mia McLeod at mum society event
Some of the Birde team Leah, Caitlin and Mia

Lucky for us, we had that experience yesterday. Some of us Birde girls spent the morning at Mum Society‘s latest event. Mum Society is an awesome community of mums who are navigating the world of career, business and life with young children at our feet.

Every speaker at Mum Society events are mums who know how hard it is to manage the juggle. Yesterday’s speaker Libby Trickett was no exception. You may remember her as an Olympic swimming gold medallist, but these days she’s a mum of two young girls and struggling like the rest of us to make it all work.

She told us all about her battle with post-natal depression and how hard she found sleep training, mastitis and toilet training. She made us laugh with hilarious anecdotes about life and her kids, like one who refuses to poo in the toilet (we’ve all been there!).

She told us all about hard it was to find her new identity after retiring from swimming. She has recently formed the Joy Through Movement organisation which focuses on finding a happier, healthier life. It’s launching with a podcast which we can’t wait to listen to!

Products on offer at Mum Society

Libby really demonstrated that we’re all in this together.
Going to mum-focused events is such a great reminder that we’re all struggling with balancing our own needs and wants with that of our children. We’re juggling all the things – childcare, work, home life, partners, parents, friends and more. You might feel alone at times but none of us has it all together. Not even gold medallists!

Thanks Libby and all the mums at Mum Society for keeping it real 🙂